The movie title; Blood Harvest no longer exists and will be pulled
off the global market place.. The new title: ” Nightmare” and the incredible Tiny Tim side show. It’s a whopper . 3 1/2 hours ( 3 discs HD) with a ton of extras and new materials. Available only from Independent Artists Pictures and VCI Entertainment.The piracy and illegal claims by third parties have made it impossible to keep track of and deal with the illegal marketers  who have released it prior and profited from it. The new special set will be available after April 1. For further information and pre orders write to or ordering special signed copies.

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  1. Is this Blu-Ray close to being ready for sale?

    • Actually all is ready except for the blue ray version
      which will be marketed through VCI Entertainment.
      Keep in mind Feature is in HD. the extras and
      the Tiny tim in Australia Documentary are are in SD
      because this is historic footage. We thought of
      doing something different and offering the special on zip or SD card drive.In any vent all should be ready to go this month yet. Thanks much
      for inquiring. All the best to you.
      Bill Rebane

    • Hello Mike. Thank’s for the inquiry. But frankly I don’t know? I do know the illegal version was out on Amazon.
      Amazon does not react quickly( or to at all ) to cease and desist notices.The new special under the title
      “Nightmare” and ” The giant Tiny Tim Special” close to 3 hours of weird entertainment will be out soon.
      BTW, from all I hear blue ray is getting very soft in the market place and will become only a collectors
      format. I predicted that.It was a great gimmick for the consumer soon just another gimmick taken over by
      Ultra HD- 4K and soon 8 K maybe. Everyone go out and buy new hardware…. spend money and make the
      hardware manufacturers happy and rich………..

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