My daughter went in for corrective wrist sugary
the other day because the first time around an object was found in the surgical wound which obviously has to be removed. Accompanied by her husband they are in the pre op waiting room . My Daughter is taken to pre op station for an IV. insertion. At the same time  the surgeon appears int he waiting room and asks her husband which hand will the surgery be on?     And want’s to
mark his hand. (with a marker ) Her husband tells the
Surgeon ; That it is not” he”  who is having the surgery….
The Surgeon leaves confused.
Talk about medical malpractice and idiocy. This surgeon
had done the first surgery on my daughter.And now did not
know who his patient was ? This is beyond belief and most alarming, to say the least… This happened yesterday in a Alabama hospital.  Do you know your surgeon ? Or better yet. Does your surgeon know who his patient is? And who he is operating on ?
Caution caution.Who can you trust these days ?

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