A Refugee Issue ?

Is it really? Or, it seems more like a blatant attack on our America’s border.
Pelose, Schumer and all the radical left should take into account that
all Americans who travel, Democrats, republicans radicals and wing nuts alike
must have a passport to enter another country. But not so on the United
States southern border ? Of course we are learning now that protecting
the boarder is really not the issue . Not an issue of I immigration,
or  right or wrong. But rather it is an issue off “We hate Trump”. Who unlike
most if not all elected officials who are corrupt and will do anything for personal gain, financially or otherwise are standing idly by allowing the circus to continue. This then seems to bring the
country further and further apart and is far beyond political. It’s a personal
if not a very personal issue. Hating or loving one particular individual.
The president of the United States of America. It all also translates into a
country at war. A war against each other. Neighbor against neighbor with devision reaching as far as family units. Father against son or daughter
Brother against brother. Even  husband against spouse. Never ever in the history of this country has there been a battle like this. All. over how to protect America and it’s citizens. One might take note, that Russia , does not have the same problems.  No Freebee’s in Russia.  Russia protects it’s borders. No wall necessary. They simply say no and seal off their border. So who is a country of laws? And what really is the issue?  It’s not the refugees . Its not the” wall” it’s not the Trump- Russia collusion. It’s. President Trump personally. But like it or not, Yes, he is the President and. Commander in Chief. So , put halt to all this insanity and nonsense andscrew the Wing nuts. ( commonly known as radical democrats, socialists
and communists) Build the wall or an electric fence. And to soften the. blow, build a few immigration entrance centers along the border for legal immigration.


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