A screwed up world…..

I get excuses, complaints and irrational messages and stupid emails .
I began to wonder what the hell is going on? And realized it’s the “world today” and
our new generation. Telephone conversations: ” Bull shit ” and give me a break.
We must have hit a dead zone ….. Wha’ts that crackling ? Interference..
Hello any body there? Oh I am sorry my earphones slid off ,I’m on the computer,…..
They are talking while driving. Screwing while texting. Or, is it texting while screwing.? Or; Please leave a message on my voice mail I am very busy
being busy. Or; Excuse me and wait a minute while I take my Viagra Or,
get my vaginal mesh operation . Or; You will hear from my lawyer……
Excuse me , I thought computers are invented to look at pornography.
Work for a living? Are you kidding? Deficit spending? What’s that ?
I use my credit card…. Colleges are for learning; To have fun , sex
and drink. Smoking is bad for you. Sports are more important
then reading and math . Communism is a strange word. What is it?
Mom and Dad are on food stamps, were is my cell phone? Who is the
speaker of the house? We don’t have one in my house….
Yes that’s the way the world is today,.. under the leadership of
the president of the Unites States of America, What’s his name ?
Take it as you wish,… it’s a screwed up world .. NO,… it’s a conspiracy

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