A United America?

Stop dreaming. and get real on both sides of the isle. In this follow up to
the prior article on; ” Occupy and what about us”,it occurs to this writer
that the occupy movement is also a sign  of how divided we really are
in the the United States today. Not to mention of how screwed up we are.
The real 99 percent, ( if there is such truth) already know there is corruption
and greed in the both houses and in the white house which flows right on into
every agency of government. We know government is too big and is dominating
our lives . The Tea Party knows it. The Occupy movement knows it. And, most
every body bitches about it. One would think that in view of world affairs
as they prevail. The threat of terrorism. The Threat of nuclear proliferation .
And specifically the issues with Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Afghanistan,
The national debt. The China trade war, and most of all , the religious
differences between the muslim and the western world. That his country
which calls itself the United States of America could and would throw aside
all internal crap of bickering. political throat cutting and infighting to such
a degree that   something could be   accomplished.
Cleaning one’s own house one would think is first and essential before
putting one’s nose into the business of others. As the election process
shows we are all nuts, stupid and  simply can not get our act together to
save this once great country .
Domestic problems? Can’t solve those either. Our education system
went to hell years ago. Our freedoms are going to hell faster then we can think.
Listen to the words of our elected representatives
and presidential candidates; ” I have the utmost faith in the American People.”..
” I will put Americans back to work again” , “I will repeal Obama Care”
” I will shrink government” , Stop corruption … Does this  all sound familiar?
Of course they will make you believe , they can do it all. With your and my
help of course by voting for them.
What I don’t hear is; We have to Unite America and stand strong against
all enemies and sources aiming to hurt us. Standing united is the
real challenge for this country.
To this writer this can not happen with rhetoric being heard now. because

we have become a nation of sheep .
Who is the majority  the Occupy movement? The Christians? The Unions?  The

Tea  Party  ?Or the politicians ? Ask yourself this question  and think.

The bottom line question comes then; What are the solutions?

We are searching for them,… stay tuned and if you know of any
please write……….

Bill Rebane

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Producer/Director/ Cinematographer/ Distributor Motion Picture industry Consultant. More info ; On Wikipedia
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