Ever wonder why Amazon is growing by leaps and bounds
into a sales giant making billions ? From an authors point of view. Here a story that may shed some light on this money making pit. In past experiences the motion picture distribution business was known for it’s “creative accounting methods” and the word ” net profits”. which made distributors rich and producers very poor. Today even independent start up producers have been and are getting wise to that old rip off game. But now Amazon takes over. And it’s not hard to figure out of how this giant gets bigger and richer by ripping off authors with fuzzy math . This writer
being one of them. Granted, Amazon does not do any
marketing or promotion of the things they sell. But Amazon
has a global reach and following ,  second to none.
Amazon also changed the world for book readers with Kindle unlimited . It’s powerful , big ,rich and making billions with other peoples creations , sweat and labors so it seems. For a first hand example;
The novel ‘From Roswell with Love”was first published
in 2007 ( over 10 years a go) It received excellent reviews and was more then well promoted on the net for years. Originally published by Book Surge .  bought up by Amazon.

In a time frame of 11 years , total royalties to author; $ 13.00 Dollars. At a book price of $ 9.80 for paperback .
Now were is the logic here ? If the book was a total
piece of crap, had really bad reviews and the author had
no friends. no family and no interested readers at all,
somewhere somebody around this globe would have bought a few copies.
Oh,.. And by the way the $ 13.00 dollar royalty did not come from sales of the book.  But from Kindle.
Here comes the best part of the story. KIndle is membership service. Belonging to the Kindle Unlimited Club readers
can read it  for free. But the author did not sign a publishing
contract for Kindle , nor is  he a member of Kindle Unlimited.
So what;s up  with the sales giant?   Something does
not smell right. In the meantime”From Roswell with love”
shows as being on the best seller list and getting 5 star reviews. On Kindle unlimited with a  $ 3.99  membership , they  can read it   for
free . So where is the  Authors money ? And, why would anyone buy a paperback for $ 9.80 if they can read it for free on Kindle ?
Maybe some one on Amazon gets to read this
and will realize that this does not pass the sniff  test……..

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