America ? Give me a break.

Just read some of the passages of the infamous “Health care Bill” The manifesto
of :”Communism” and nothing short of it . Where in the hell are Americans hiding ?
Most , have not taken the time to read any part of it. Most of us have not the
slightest idea of what is coming. Or, do most of us just not care?
Illegal aliens will have more rights under that bill then Americans. You r health care
will be controlled , rationed and decided upon by the Government.
You will be told. how much money you can make and
and what taxes you have to pay , when and how. The terms of your living will
will be mandated by the government. Doctors will be told what care they can
provide and how much they can charge. Heart surgeons and foot doctors
will be paid the same. You will be forced to have a national ID card . Implant
chips and GPS tracking will not be too far behind. You will be told when and
how to die. And that’s just for openers…. It’s hard to condense even the
highlights of the health care bill ( and there are many) into a few paragraphs.
So? Were are all those red blooded Americans Hiding? The tea party does not
raise it’s voice. They whisper. The wall street demonstrators got their head up their
ass. And it’s dark up there so they can’t see. And we let them defecate on
our American Flag. While our young soldiers are dying in Afghanistan fighting for
our freedom ? Or , are they fighting for other purposes?
From where this writer sits , regardless of party affiliations, Americans as a whole
have their heads in the sand and because they don’t read and educate themselves
they have not a clue of what is going to hit them.
We seem to know and do one thing real well. Raise and spend money for elections
so on either side of the isle the political candidates can bamboozle us with
more bull shit.
What am I ? The only voice in the wilderness putting it on the line.?
Where are all you red blooded American hiding?
Don’t tell me. You’re watching sports at the local tavern having a beer.
Just remember , the shit is going hit the fan sooner then you think. Then what?
In conclusion; I love the “media fighters for freedom”, who operate under t he guise
of bringing you fair and balanced news. Yet they are chicken shits when it comes
to crossing the line and putting the facts into   the terms and words similar to this writing.
There is one guy that’s enjoying it all; Vladimier Putin.
Bill Rebane
The conservative voice in the Wilderness

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