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According to some sources Herman Cain made a politically incorrect remark to a woman
accuser for sexual harassment . He was then and is now a “man “. And, some of
this political correctness crap does not resonate with any “man”.  Nor does the sexual harassment taboo’s.
I have never ever heard of that even under communism .”Sexual ” propositions
were  forbidden. Yet alone enforced by the regime. Ask Vlademier Putin.
As usual the media loves this crap  and fuels the fire well. Are conservatives too stupid to get it?
“Hey baby, you got beautiful legs”, is what I say to all he ladies on Fox , who position
themselves front left or right with their skirts up to their butts on; ” Red Eye” and
“The Five Show” every night . Nice to look at for any man. And yes , I don’t know
of any male that would not say at least that . If not proposition them. .Silently
of course. Political correctness go to hell.

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