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Yes, with all the political fencing , if not mud slinging, Obama Care, trillion dollar
deficits , a nanny state, strangling over ¬†regulations and the cry; ” our country is going
to hell”. There may be just a little of the real America left , as I remember it in the
fifties and sixties. The time is now. The place; Northern Wisconsin and a little village
of Saxon. One would hardly know it exists. One would not believe that the values
once dear to us are still alive and dong reasonably well in little old Saxon.
Can you believe? The attractive postmaster in her thirties of the tiny cubby hole
post office rushes out to the street with our mail when she sees the familiar car pull
up. That’s a story for ; “Ripley’s Believe it or Not”. So is the story of the farmer
across the street. Who rushes over with his expensive farm size lawn mover
to mow 3 acres for me when my lawnmower is down. Between many neighbors the
fruits of the harvest are shared , without even asking. A car breaks down or the
snow piles up too high, one can count on a neighbor with a plow to remedy the
situation. Good God, can this really be happening Today? In America?
I Don’t know who in little old Saxon is a democrat or a republican. And I really don’t
give a hoot, or care. I do know that when the part of the roof flies off from a tornado
like storm you can count on help. You can count on Ron, Gary and Eddie before
even calling the fire department or 911. That’s what the America that I knew and
experienced all my life in the state I love , Wisconsin. Would it not be nice
with all bad things we have to cope with today, thanks to our elected representative
could be overshadowed by the few good things that are reminder of the
traditional American Way. In conclusion; And om a national level this great nation
has all the right people , to solve all problems we have and get the show back on
the road. It’s hard work,belief in god and he traditional family unit that will
make the difference. Not the “Nanny state”. political corruption or hate and greed.
And, certainly; Socialism or communism will never be the solution for any red blooded American.


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