Bill’s Mailbag: Where are the Giant Spider cars?

Today, we took a quick peek in the mailbag and found this question from Ben in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin:

Hi!  My wife and I absolutely love your work, and were very happy to have met you both at the Bill Rebane Film Festival in 2005, and again at the ‘It Came from Lake Michigan’ event.  Reason I am emailing is that we just finished watching The Giant Spider Invasion, and seem to remember something about the car the spider was made from.  Is it true that the remains of this car still exist, sitting in a field somewhere?  We were just talking about how great it would be to take a trip to see the actual car.  Was hoping you could shed some light on this for us… Thanks again for all you have done, and keep up the great work!!



Dear Ben,

Thank you for your kind e-mail and your interest.  Yes, believe it or not, both giant spiders are well, less the skin.  The government takes the skin and then some…

However, one of the skeleton spider bodies is displayed in Gleason, Wisconsin, adjacent to Hwy 17 right in town.  There is talk of the community club planning an unveiling ceremony and a little spider beer fest sometime in August…  Hope to see you there and please stay in touch.

Best regards,

Bill Rebane

Keep those questions and comments coming! – B.R.

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