So screwed up

And,.. The voters get screwed . The Barnum Bros. Circus could not deliver
a fiasco like what we are getting with this election circus.The republicans are as bad , if not worse then then the democrats. The fact that they can
change the rules of he game for the convention. They can walk right over
the voters and public at large. To hell with them (The American public) as long as they get their fat salaries and practice their corruptive ways in Washington. Keep it up and you get what you wish for; HIllary and a revolution. It looks like the RNC will do anything , except make America
great again. to attempt to get an ‘Establishment” player into the white house. Little Rubio was great for them. An establishment player. Kasich
same damn thing. he’ll get massaged so well for sake of being a nice guy
and swing with establishment protectors. What is surprising is that the
chronic liar and bitch Hillary, has a higher favorable rating then Trump.
So one must ask who are those Americans, who don’t want a better
America? It also seems Trump is fighting a uphill battle, organized union
dissenters, far left hate groups not demonstrating , but disrupting his
appearances and speeches. All this while the world is watching and wondering: What has happened to the USA ? The Educated voters
should take up arms with paper, pen and the power of he internet and start
the real revolution against the tyranny of the Establishment. Be they
left of right . Forget it lefties and far rightists. And start here……..
Bill Rebane