Retromedia not over

Legal Blast! January 16, ’10: Thievery, Law and Retromedia Entertainment by Bill Rebane About and to: Fred Olen Ray – Retromedia Entertainment Inc. 9421 Winnetka Avenue – Chatsworth, California 91311 Much has been made of controversies and legal issues between Retromedia and Bill Rebane in connection with certain DVD rights … Continue reading


From “John Goff” To “Catherine Battistone”, “Mike Reynolds”, “Mitchell Cirlot”, “Linda S. Wilson”, “Christine Garrett”, “Dan Garrett”, “Carol Goff Russell”, “Carole Mize”, “Jim Denmark”, “Don Wells”, “Ed Lynd”, “Eddie & Leah”, “Bobby Switzer”, “Bill Koski”, “Mabel Sue Kuhn”, “Sue Goff Lee”, “John Miller”, “Gary Grubbs” , “Norm Syliaasen”, “Karen Dyson”, … Continue reading


The world is full of idiocy. I am just not sure if it begins in early childhood or if it’s something that infests politicians when they get to Washington. Certainly they are all afflicted by this dreadful disease . This of course leads me to the question; How to you … Continue reading