Everybody has something to complain about. But what happened to me? I have to think about it.
When I was conceived .” No complaints” That was quite a experience
When I was born. The screaming represented complaints.
Why do we have suffer so early being pulled through such narrow passages to join society.
When I was a baby.I was a damn good baby. not a lot of screaming .that means; No complaints
When I was a child. Too young to complain.
When I was a Kid. Too damned scared to complain ,… Dodging
bullets and bombs.
When I got to my teens. Nothing To complain about. while living
the ‘ American dream. Work was fun. making money was fun
cruising in a convertable.soda shops and dating was fun
Nothing to complain about .Even School was fun. No complaints.
Joining the army  at l6 .No complaints. It was a transition into
manhood and recognizing that man has responsibilities.
Entering the business and the professional world. No complaints
Hard work. integrity  passion and ambition rules out even
the thoughts of ” Complaining” . There was nothing to complain
In business and professional life the drive toward success
and accomplishment, there is no room for complaining about
anything ……. Except , complaining to  one self that there is not enough time to do all one wants to do.
Through maturity , business and professional life.Complaining
is a poor excuse for the inability  to  do things right in the
first place. Complaining means; Finding some one else to blame.
Complaining is not the same as getting ” Pissed off”
Life changes…..  As does America  and the American Dream.
The past does  not exist anymore.
In forced retirement ,getting wise to all  changes taking place in this world.
Facing a new  reality. A corrupt government and corrupt politicians , political correctness , overburdening laws .    Now there are reasons to complain  about big time….And then some.

From here on in. I am giong to complain. complain and complain
some more…….  About everything .   No holds barred . Otherwise
complaints will not be heard.
So Happy Complaining….And,….. Join me

Bill Rebane


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Producer/Director/ Cinematographer/ Distributor Motion Picture industry Consultant. More info ; On Wikipedia
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