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One Man is Holding Up the CASE Act

His Name is Senator Ron Wyden
The Copyright Alternative Small Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act is a no-brainer – it will help individual creatives and small businesses protect their works from infringement. That’s why it sailed through the House with a 410-6 vote and should have easily passed in the Senate as well.

But one man has taken it upon himself to keep this game-changing Bill from becoming law.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden has put a hold on the CASE Act. Many creatives, who could benefit from the CASE Act’s affordable, streamlined small claims system for fighting infringement, live in Oregon.

Wyden told these voters he would support the Bill. He lied.

Here are just some of the ways the creative community is fighting back:

An Oregon billboard simply asks of Senator Wyden: “Why are you holding Oregon creators hostage?”

Articles calling out Senator Wyden have been written in outlets ranging from to the biggest newspaper in Oregon.

“Senator @RonWyden,” wrote the Copyright Alliance this week, “your constituents are doing everything possible to urge you to lift your hold on the #CASEAct… and yet you continue to ignore them. Lift your hold NOW!

And the list goes on. Want to join the fight? Share your support for the CASE Act on social media. Then call Wyden at 202-224-5244 and tell him this will not stand!

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