Curious China

Since the Clintonville Booms began and migration north of the Moochee
population from Clintonville to Saxon Wisconsin, more Chinese entrepreneurs
have been visiting Wisconsin to get a handle on the merchandising angles
of Moocheez. While billionaire Donald Trump has not made his move to
cash in on the phenomenon of Moocheez. Seeing is believing of course.
Never the less it seems that the Chinese are trying to trump the U.S
entrepreneurial spirit by being the first ones on the scene to get an edge
on Moochee merchandising and likeness manufacturing.
On the political side of the issue. Since the Wisconsin primaries are
nearing, Only Newt Gingrich has been keen and wise enough to
size the opportunity to check into the Moochee phenomenon.
Newt knows well that one photograph taken with him and the Moochee
family would get him national media attention. Well, here’s some information for
you Mr. Speaker; The Moocheez have moved to Saxon Wisconsin now
and are being well cared for by a finnish farmer on a large chicken ranch.
In the last few days several chinese have been seen in the Hurley and Saxon
area , which in itself is not a common experience. Very suspicious.

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