Danger for Trump & America

How many enemies  and haters can President Trump Take on? Only little over 48 hours have passed  since the inauguration. The evil of the world is on Trump like ticks on dog. The public at large is not thinking . And therefor not alerted (or they  just don’t get it)  that   evil deeds are being planned  to disrupt or  totally destroy the Trump Presidency.  It’s not just the demonstrators who are still crying over Hillaries defeat. Too many americans are not looking at the big picture. They might ask themselves ;  Why are there revolts and demonstrations against the Trump Presidency being held all over the world ? In  Europe. South America , Asia, Australia ,United Kingdom , Israel  and other countries around the Globe.  It’s becoming clear that the anti Trump movement has become  a global   issue. Which begs the question ; Who is behind it all ? And who wants America destroyed  and or under total “Global Empire control ?  It’s not Russia. Putins dream is to turn   Russia into the Empire that it once was, with Putin as emperor ruling over it. The real enemy of the United States  are the global Empire builders, much of it led by George Soros, who has spent billions to get Hillary  elected and pay demonstrators to  disrupt the elections ,spread hate and pitt Americans against Americans  to  complete what Obama started; “Divide America.” It’s all still going on  and well planned to further divide and destroy the United States and the Trump Presidency, The Global Empire builders  have done a good job with  recruitments right here in the United States. Evidenced  through the voices of the likes of that un educated  maggot  Michael More and the Hollywood establishment.  And even within our congress . there are those who will never  want to return power to the people ( the very ones who elected  them. Too many speak; With forked tongue” and have their own agendas far removed  from what the President is planning.


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