Who won the debate? That is the question for over thirty million Americans this morning October 17 , while the spin doctors are busy spinning and judging who won the debate. Unending rhetoric and opinions. While this writer approaches the  results and the debate as a whole, from a different view point.
Straight and clear answers. What ever happened to a straight question?
And a straight answer? Do we know what “yes “and “no ” is?
Or is that just too damn simple for everyone to understand.
The biggest faults with the debate is how the questions are
created and constructed. And , the ground rules for answering.
Both candidates wander off into stories or experiences and leave the
answers unclear by the time they get to the issue. Obama never wants to
stop talking and beats around the bush endlessly with accusations. Romney much more direct and
to the point. I missed questions such as; Mr. President. What practical
business experiences have you had?  Have you ever been in business
yourself?  Have you ever been an entrepreneur ? What business success  can you tell us about?

Have you ever read a marxist book? ( yes or no?) Have you read the book ” Mein Kampf”?

( yes or no?) What about your  socialist leanings?
What is wrong here? Are we the public  being hoodwinked into hearing
only what ” they” want us to hear ?   These are well planned and thought out debates
with only what we are supposed to   hear and believe .  Please .  We are being spoon fed  with what’s good for
us. I  saw this whole circus as just another circus of politics . Yes it
gave us the feeling of fairness , within the realm of what we are supposed
to hear and believe. OK . So it’s over until the next bout. The only thing
I got out of it, outside the above mentioned,   that Obama lied in the end
He was his usual  long winded  self.   While Romney was very presidential ,consistent,
forward but missed his last shot to call Obama the liar that he is.

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