Don’t mess with the Russian Bear

Obama , the amateur president once again is playing with fire
in the middle east and the Russian federation. While Putin the
Russian bear is taking over what America has already shed
it’s blood for in Iraq and Syria. It would not come as a big surprise
if Vladimir at some point will manage to influence if not ta control of Iran which he is already supporting in his quest to rebuild his Russian Imperial Empire. As much dislike one has for Putin and his KGB communist experiences, one must give the ” Bear” ( Russia) credit for strategic planning and leadership. And he will
succeed because no one is around to stop him. Certainly not
Obama who’s great success story is sinking the United Sates
into the abyss of failure and a second world country.
It is amazing to this writer, a Estonian/American who barely
escaped the grip of communist cruelty during world war 2 that
the most powerful country on this planet could
capitulate to Vlademir and his dream of a global empire.
It is also in comprehensible to understand that Congress
and the American people have been unable to demand the
immediate resignation of Obama, for treason and continuously
acting against the will of the American People. If indeed the
left takes the reigns on leadership of this country during the next elections, we can kiss our ass good bye.
And , at the time of this writing the conflicts are just beginning.
In the middle east while further tensions with the Russian Federation is escalating, The United states Congress is sleeping
incapable of upholding conservative values. Dividing the
Republican base while unable to stop the dangerous actions
and incompetency of Obama’s last year in office.

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