Election day predictions

9:10 PM CST it does not look promising for the a new beginning, short of any surprises , we will
be facing a socialist if not communistic America. Albert Einstein as quoted in
my last blog was correct in predicting; That we have raised a nation of idiots.
Only idiots and morons could wish for America to sink into abyss of
catastrophic times, poverty overburdening regulations and government
controls. One question will come to the forefront . Will Obama be able
to govern? Even being president. He will never reach across the isle,
never reduce the deficit, never fix education, never produce American energy
never obtain the support of a half of all Americans . In all, just what makes
democrats think that they can lead this country into prosperity and
economic recovery? On the light side, there will be Benghazy Gate,
Solindra, Gun Control and the deals our fearless leader will make
with Vladimier Putin, our cold war and KGB past enemy.
The socialists will get their way, the rest of America will suffer.
Then comes the ongoing saga with Iran.
Good luck America and cheers. However you want  to take  this

Bill Rebane

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