GSI of course means;”The Giant Spider Invasion” the movie. Never before have these facts been published.   Who cares ? Only cult classic movie fans.
1.Fact; The Giant Spider Invasion inspired and provided the impetus for the CIA to go into IRAN and free the the Iran hostages. They needed a gimmick and excuse to get in there and save lives.
2.Fact: The motion picture ARGO Told the story well of the hostage rescue. Except it was not planet of the apes that gave
Actor / Agent Ben Affleck the idea for the hostage rescue. It was The Giant Spider invasion movie that did the job. for which Warner Bros. Studios paid a nice price to use one minute of Giant Spider Invasion footage.
3. Fact: The global success of The Giant Spider Invasion was not
spurred by the cast which was great. It was the insane idea
and creation of the Giant Spider from a Volks Wagen chassis.
Never before in the history of movies was there such a primitive if not idiotic effect used to make a creature feature.
4.Fact: Who could have guessed that the Giant Spider Invasion could become one of the most pirated creature feature films in the history of movie making. ( Estimated global gross to all piracy and distribtution methods , legal or illegal , some $200 to $300 million dollars  in 40 years. That tops some of the grosses of major studio productions that Hollwood brags about.
5.Fact” Like Stephen King quoted in Danse Macbre; “The Spider
was a Dilly”.
And that’s the rest of the story……….

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