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Films around the World Inc. NY. A mediocre film distributor with a library of a few old flicks is having a tough time and
complicating it’s existence by sending our false and fraudulent
copyright take down notices to service providers, broad casters,
and distributors.  On films which in reality don’t belong them……Recently discovered. On  the content service providers( CSP’s).  Anyone could file a copyright take down notice  that result in considerable damages to the actual copyright holders and owners . Imagine, if some one wanted Gone with the Wind removed from Amazon . No problem.  And,  not even the   consequences or punishments are clear. The service providers are  immune  or  ust don’t give a damn. You can upload or take down anything.  It all has to do with the inadequate and corrupt DMCA created by our Congress………

“Cinedigm” who’s stock kept bottoming out for some time was bought out by a chinese company , Bison Capital . Founder Peixiu Xu ,  last heard for some 24 million dollars seems to have a  real problems paying it’s content supplier. Specifiically VCIEntertainment who provided 500 film titles to Cinedigm  two years ago .Now with all that new China moneyVCI is still holding the bag and not getting paid.  The bad guys in this industry are the one’s to watch out for and there are plenty of them.
Take Film Chest NYC Ralph Stevens with a considerable   library of motion pictures and who has been cheating producers of over fifteen years. If anyone audited the Film Chest books they would probably find little .Unless the IRS does it A “confirmed bootleggers” Stevens collects money invests it in restaurant and bar businesses in New York .Then tells his content providers he is stone broke.  What else is new ?


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