Friends and Politics

What a subject matter. Never gave it much thought. Except that I learned early
in life under communism, naziism and under existing european socialism that
there are some things one does not talk about. Politics or religion . Under the prior mentioned systems one did not talk much period. Yet alone loudly voice opinions. If anything , one whispered. Even then , taking  a chance  and hoping that the walls did not have ears. Under current socialism in European countries , except for incredibly high taxes the socialistic states functioned quite well .( with exceptions) Taking into consideration that european socialism has years of experience in the administration processes of such a systems. The United States does not.
Lately in this great country of “America “, things are changing rapidly .
Throughout the fifties, sixties and even seventies I never knew nor asked, spoke about or cared about the political leanings of my friends. I didn’t give shit.
Be they purple, black, gray or pink. Irrespective of what political leaning anyone
had. Suddenly since the word socialism in connection  with Obama land
has become a topic. I find myself in a friend loosing position. My
friends leaning to the left seem to embrace the concept of Socialism.
I can not embrace it. For a large variety of reasons. Philosophically and
from a practical view. Ever since I ran for Governor of the State of Wisconsin
as a Reform Party candidate my views and policies while very much in the middle, were taken as leanings to the right. Pondering over the differences my friends and I had, specifically about “‘Socialism” I began to realize one thing above all. The proponents of socialism mostly those on the left or far left did not have  a clue of what socialism is really all about . As Margaret Thatcher once said; “Socialism is wonderful until the money runs out”. Nothing more true could have ever been said. The more poor, the more dependency on Government by a too rapidly growing population . Ultimately if not sooner it will break the back of American socialism . If it gets that far and  if  we  continue to pull in that direction. Europe with all its experience can not do it in the long run .    It won’t work in  the United States . In a functioning socialistic state; ” Education of the young , taking care of the aging, housing and public services can only be sustained for so long , until the numbers of the needy by far exceed the numbers of the contributors. Anyone advocating socialism should do their math ( if capable of such) And stop blaming capitalism. The very system that has made this country great.  So . to my friends who embrace this idiocy ; If your education has blessed you with the power of arithmetic . Try it . Of course you could try living in China  where you get it all . A combination ; A taste of Socialism and Communism  and even  a little Capitalism mixed in  to sweeten the pie. And,… Lets not talk about people control a little added attraction to the equation.

Bill Rebane

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