Getting things straight on piracy

Confirmed video pirates have only one defense. Lies and more lies thinking
they can injure the injured. That is the case of Synergy Entertainment.
Who admitted that they purchased a 16mm printy of the Giant
spider Invasion on E bay sometime on or before 2004. Then went right
ahead and transfered it to the digital medium , made copy after copy
and marketed it openly in all media and venues available to them.
No fiction here. Also in or around 2004 the head of Synergy ( no need
to get personal) we all know who it is , was working with a distributor in
Minneapolis known as Digital One Stop. ( now a multimillion dollar company
They get into a legal hassle and transfer a whole ton of titles with  a monetary
settlement arrangement of some $ 200,000 Dollars   paid to Synergy.

And guess what my title included.

But not just the giant spider invasion .But five other of
my titles as well. Unlicensed ,pirated . In plain english a blatant felony and possibly the most robust and most unbelievable act of piracy ever committed. The ultimate In hutzbah and nerve. Enough? hell no. The story
goes on. Now Digital One Stop has acquired  illegal titles and markets them.
While Synergy having just been paid , goes right on to continue to market the
very titles they just turned over to Digital One Stop. Nice trick if one can get
away with it. And they did. Two years later , this writer discovers that
Digital one stop is selling Giant Spider Invasion and five other of my titles
illegally. This writer contacts the president of Digital One Stop . Who apologizes profusely and offers to license the five illegally obtained films
under a normal licensing agreement with reasonable payments to this writer. Fine.
A reasonable gesture and accepted. Synergy however continues their
piracy and marketing of all titles .   This being confirmed criminal violations of federal
law. In 2008 this writer confronts Synergy’s Phil Hopkins for selling Giant
Spider invasion illegally. Synergy pay’s $ 2000,00 dollars in restitution
to this writer. There is not  enough conclusive proof  on the table  or  in writing to
sue or hold Synergy to the fire for violations and piracy of the other titles.
But nothing is over yet. From the stand point of this writer , not being a
lawyer, it does seem like both Synergy and Digital One Stop stepped
on the toes and  the rights of Retromedia who had a legitimate DVD sales
licensing agreement. ( that did not terminate until 2010)
More to come and now we are getting down to brass tacks. And the real story.

It is easy to see  why I would be called a nightmare by Synergy. After alll

who likes to caught red handed  in the process of a  robbery/

Stand by for the next saga of piracy facts and the ongoing corrupt practices

who make  a lot of money on other  people works.

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