Giant Spider Invasion Facts

The Spider Invasion, Made for the low budget of
$ 300.000 Dollars became one of the fifty top grossing
films of l975 making Grossing 24 Million Dollars
in domestic box office and an additional
$ 100-000 million dollars in international Sales
from theaters, Television and Ancillary sale distribution. ( in a short two years following it’s release)

Good reasons why the Giant Spider
invasion has become an All Time Cult Classic
motion picture decades after it’s original release.

The classic “Volkswagen Spider” and “out of this
world” ending. No doubt added to discussion points
for audiences internationally and were expressed
by Steven King in his Book ‘Danse MaCabre”

“ Although the film actually had only one Giant Spider, it is a dilly. I is impossible to see such a budget conscious special effect without feeling a wave of admiration.

With the Advent of the digital revolution, The giant
spider invasion also became one of the post pirated
films in motion picture history.

If all income, legal and illegal revenues from piracy
were calculated into one lump gross figure it would
reach faro over the $ 300,000 million mark on
the conservative side.

Coming soon: The Giant Spider Invasion Musical.
A hilarious musical romp reliving the “ making of”
the Giant Spider invasion .

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