Crime comes in all forms. While not on top of the mains stream media
list . Intellectual property theft , piracy , boot legging and cybercrime
take billions of dollars annually out of the pockets of authors, artists and Entertainment industry producers. With the global reach of the internet the infringement business on intellectual property is
flourishing taking into the loop even innocent bystanders as accomplices and enabling entities to aid the criminals in their million dollar profit piracy schemes.
Currently, AMC Theaters and. Cinemark, the second largest theater chain in America unknowingly is being used by “Rifftrax” and “Fathom Events” to promote and advertise a special events movie showing of the l975 cult classic movie “The Giant Spider Invasion” on August 15 across the united States in their theaters. This with not having a clue that this event showings are a blatant infringements of copyright violating Federal Laws.
Rifftrax owned by Legend Films, SanDiego, has been legally informed of the copyright violation over six weeks ago is ignoring a cease and desist. demand, claiming they have obtained a license for the motion picture
From VCI Entertainment of Tulsa . who owned no such rights. This issue has become more complex as Rifftrax has used the public funding venue ”Kickstarter” to raise over a have million dollars
from over 8000 contributors by using the title of the Cult. Classic. Movie ,”The Giant. Spider Invasion” for which they paid $ 1600.00. according to VCI.
While a criminal complaint has been filed with local Wisconsin prosecutorial agencies, The promotional efforts on the global internet encouraging ticket sales for the showings of the “Giant Spider invasion” are continuing on a grand scale with the help of Fathom Events. AMC and Cinemark, growing the list of infringing entities with every theater and advertisement published.
The question will be;  Will it be a happy or sad ending?…. In the movie the famous volks wagen spider bites the dust. At kickstarter the 8500 cash contributors may feel cheated. At AMC /Cinemark there maybe
refunds galore .And at Riffttrax , creative writers will be scrambling for new material of how to spin the news of cancellations and how to refund all the money raised for this “ riffing promotion “ Some one will have to learn the difference between Rice krispies and rabbit turds.

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  1. For a Start, Legend Films has not owned Rifftrax in years. Secondly, Mystery Science Theater 3000 riffing it is the only reason its a “cult movie” in the first place.

    • Second comment absolutely true> But it took 16 years for MSTK 3000 to get a legitimate license. So they cleaned up
      made money with others peoples work.Have now idea of what the legal connection is between legend & Riftrax. If you
      know more then I do? let me know please…….Thank for the comment….

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