Herman . How dare you.

Well now. Now we have a woman that comes out of the blue. Herman Cain put his
hand on her leg and and then …… “Interesting: What a dirty old man.
What man would dare to do such a thing ? Especially with an attractive blonde like that.
Now add Gloria Allred . The sue happy lawyer bitch that she is and, the Mystery
begins. That’s the real story ; “Gloria Allred”.
One must wonder after all these years this attractive blonde decides to
talk and , of all persons in the world , comes up with Gloria, the glorious
defender of woman’s rights and high profile legal beaver who gets lots of press
and media coverage nationally by sticking her legal nose into every high profile
situation she can get her hands on. Doesn’t something smell here?
Before the smoke clears. You have read it here first.
What ever the truth turns out to be. Thus far ,prior allegations of ‘Sexual harassment”
by Herman Cain have failed to bring him down. So? What does the far left do
to eliminate the danger to Obama?  Create a Hollywood plot with high profile
“Gloria” in the lead  and not to forget a good looking blonde star. All this fifteen years
I could not do better for a political driven movie script. Either way. True or false
this makes one hell of story. A mystery still on going….  You be the judge.

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