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Hotel reviews , not on the usual agenda of the Journal . But this was too much
to take. The” Metro” hotel of Milwaukee. Proclaiming to be one of the
500 best hotels in the world. The experience of being a guest at the Metro
compliments of the MiIwaukee Film Festival is indeed a experience.
If it would not be the location, adjacent to the old, fashionable and truly first
class hotel the old world Phister Hotel , where one can feel and enjoy all the
amenities of luxury lodging and services .T he Metro is a joke.
The Metro Hotel can not compare to
a road side travel lodge in services were one can get hot water in a shower

when turning the shower handle. The Metro is a little different. In the
$ 275.00 Dollar deluxe suite. The hot water in the shower will turn on only
if the adjacent bath tub is turned on first. It’s a totally green hotel and run
by steam. ( I think that’s how radiators were heated eons ago) by hot water
and steam. So be it. My wife was not in a good mood after turning on the
hot water handle and getting an ice shower. No instructions or what to do
signs. anywhere. And that’s not all. The selection of art decorating the walls
of the deluxe suite and for that matter the entire hotel halls and all, is enough to gag a maggot. If a picture is a thousand words, then these abort ions of the worst taste say ; ” Don’t ever come back” It is almost insulting to
put such crap on any wall. The reasonably priced hotel and motel chains
serve Coffee, tea or continental breakfast with $ 65 to $ 100 a day lodging
The Metro  offers nothing except cold atmosphere and  cold  service.
Some one in the hotel rating service please get with the act,……

I never stoop to tearing anything down.  Sorry but bad is bad.

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