How Lucky Can We Get?

Dear Ticker tape .
Better late then never.
It took me a while to figure out why under the current administration things are
going so well . I mean; Look at the happiness and tranquility we are living under . We are being pampered
and watched like children. When we grow up we will not have to take care of anything or pay for anything.
( of course that’s not what those terrible trouble making right wingers are saying)

Since the election I now realize full well , how great the line up is America voted for. Nancy Pelosi is
is a wonderful president. Harry Reid a wonderful vice president. Best of all they picked such a great
spokesmen in Barack Obama. He’s th greatest. Full of concern bewilderment for our welfare and personal needs. They even gave us some extras in Harry Biden, the court jester. How lucky can we get.
Yours truly ,
Gorbonzo Schmuck

Dear Gorbonzo,
Ineresting take on the current administration keep sending us your opinions
thank you ,
Bill Rebane

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