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No , I will not run for president of the United States. ( that was said with humor) And No I will not run again for Governor of Wisconsin. Unfortunately the reform party is a dead issue. Although reform is what was badly needed for some time now. Nobody was listening.
However, I will not exactly shut up and coast into oblivion either.
This country needs every bit of help it can get.
No , Chris Christie is not the answer to the problem. Yes,… he is firm in his
beliefs and convictions. He seems to know what he is doing but is is not experienced
enough in world affairs , industry trade and diplomacy to be a world leader. At least not
yet. That’s my opinion. ( and we know everybody has one)
Rick Perry? He looked great coming out of the box. Too many mistakes in coming up
with the right answers in the debate …Has to get oiled and fluid with his comebacks and
define his visions for America. …..
Romney? Sounds like a wound up politician all the time. If he reminds us one more
time of his business experience and knowing how to create jobs he’s going to
sound like a recording…..( he does already)
Well, who does that leave? “Herman ” the articulate and non politician black man
that seems to have it all. Polish. He not only looks presidential but he talks
presidential. And good god, he is not a died in wool politician. Plus , he seem to have
the intelligence to deal with world problems , be firm and diplomatic in his approach
to issues……
Last but not least, there is the most experienced individual, “Newt” , our former Speaker.
Yes ,he is a politician one with lot’s of experience and one hell of a lot of commons sense…

What a team ” Herman and Newt  ” would make… hell of team . Think about it……
So there you have it all my friend Brad from MIchigan. You took the time to call
I had the time to talk and answer.
Bill Rebane

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