Insanity prevails in America

Increased insanity continues to divide America.
Destroying history, is robbing the current and next generations of education.What’s next ? The destruction of all statues of our past presidents. The left will insist on removing all republican presidents. After that, all presidential libraries ? And then what ? What about all libraries? After all they have history books. Good god, don’t let the kids read the truth. It may educate them.  Where dos it all stop ? In the dumbing down of America.If the current trend continues, old movies , cowboy & indian films will be barred from television and the internet. They are a reminder of crimes against native Americans. ( And they were bad) and we are all guilty as ” Americans” who’s forefathers came from other countries and took the land from the natives. While this  idiocy prevails, America has been dragged right into a program of the  new world order well prepared plan; Total control of the masses, a society of numbers and computer chips. “You.” ” We.” “Us.” Are allowing this to happen.

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