Just when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes KOOKYTIMES.COM
The view from the alien side at today’s  earthlings and their stupidity.
Kookytimes.com the opinion platform for conservative America.
And simple solutions for a better world. They are expressed like this;
Special interests. ..Take a walk. You are what you are.A special Interest.
( And that’s all)
Same sex marriage: Do as you wish. Live as you like. But don’t push it on
those who don’t agree.
Stick to your religious beliefs; “In God we trust”..And let everyone else do the same without your rattles and hassles. The Iron Cross at ground zero
stays by popular demand.
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our foundation. Live by it. Or move.
Fight corruption where ever it rears it’s ugly head. Start in Washington
Global Warming. Means shoveling snow.
Guns. The very reason we have not been invaded or attacked.
Obama care. Regulated misery, incorporated.
Movies. The next big one coming soon; ” America”, a wake up call.
Happy tidings from Kookytimes.com & The Alien chronicles

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