Las Vegas Massacre

Bill Rebane commentary . 10.03.17
This inhuman act  beyond comprehension will haunt America
as did 9/11 . Speculations and investigations are well under
way and will continue for a long time to come. While the
radical left and fake media takes advantage of this incomprehensible killing spree to further their agenda. The hate Trump movement. Then there is another side
beginning to emerge. The conspiracy theorists. They are
hard at work to point the finger at someone or something.
Following this circus of media coverage, one thing seems to
be quite clear. The animal, the shooter sure as hell is not
a mental case or a totally uneducated wing nut.
He was millionaire, a gambler and known as such to many
Vegas establishments. Did he know what he was doing?
One would think so with the careful planning that went into this
diabolic plan. Approaching the issue from that side,
one indeed must at least take into consideration the
issues of conspiracy. Far Fetched ? What type of people
were the victims ? Trump followers according to all media
reports. It would be relatively easy to point the finger toward
the far left and Hillary followers. Note how quick the former secretary of state immediately took advantage of this slaughter for the benefit of the democrats and the anti gun movement.
Was this a single persons act? Most questionable. With
the planing and preparation that all took place by the monster
under the radar screen. Not very believable. No matter
what the left or right media tells us. Could the conspiracy
theories be ruled out altogether? One would think not.  Considering what is on the table so far. Surely the plot will thicken and pieces will come together on this bloodiest  nightmare in American history.
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