That is the modus operandi of Fathom Events and
Rifftrax as they proceeded  with a nationwide simulcast
of the l975 now cult classic sci fi movie “The giant spider invasion” on September 15 and 18th in some 700 theaters throughout the United States. Despite Rifftrax having been served with cease and desist documents. Rifftrax in co operation with Fathom Events and three of the largest theater chains in America  proceeded with the illegal showings, insisting that they obtained a license from VCI entertainment ,Tulsa Oklahoma, who had no such rights to give.
Rifftrax as it came to light in March of 2019 raised over half a million dollars in public funds through Kickstarter for this riffing promotion.
The movie,” The Giant spider Invasion” made for low budget in Wisconsin was one of the 50 top grossing films of 1975 amassing a gross of over 24 million dollars in it’s initial release .
The Creator , director of the. film and copyright holder, Bill Rebane last week filed a civil suit against VCI Entertainment and it’s owner Robert Blair for fraud and 3 million dollars.

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