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11/24/18 Duluth/Iap /W. Arthur

According to a recent conversation with producer/director
Bill Rebane, best known for his all time Cult classic and top grossing epic , “ The Giant Spider Invasion” Rebane is entertaining the thought of reviving a l978. Screenplay he wrote with cousin Ingrid Newmayer ( the Alpha Incident & capture of Bigfoot) and going back into production with “Creature” ( aka “Acid Rain” ) a strong story and character driven creature feature that is more timely today then when first created. GMO’s , Genetically engineered foods and chemicals that poison the earth were and are the foundation of the “Creature” aka. “Acid Rain” Screenplay and sparked the interest in digging the old script out of the Archive trunk.
After writing the Screenplay “ Christmas at Rosemont” Now in release by Enderby Entertainment. Rebane swore never to do another sci fi horror project again. But “Creature “ Acid Rain” has redeeming values. Is timely. Is
scary as all hell and will appeal to all the sci fi creature feature fans around the globe. Beyond that, it brings into focus the dangers of GMO’s, what we eat and what chemicals are doing to our food chain and to our earth , Rebane Stated.


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