Once upon a time there was a much acclaimed and
much in demand screenplay, that never failed to get the best of receptions and  attention in La La land. Until that is,
some one in Tinsel Town got a hold of it and decided
to plagiarize the screenplay before having any rights to
it. That someone was;Would one believe ? The former
president of the Writers Guild of America.Daniel Petrie
Jr. The great writer director who now managed to butcher the screenplay royally. Now known as “Rosemont” seen on “Starz” and being sold in Canada. The picture has not so far and will not see a single large theater screen. Starring Brad Dourif ( as Abe) and Grace Zabriski
as Josephine make one wonder were the charming
characters are in this once well defined charming christmas
story. Over acting and miserably bad directing by
Daniel Petire, ruins what once was a screenplay
that was compared to” Miracle on 42nd
street ” and “White Christmas”  by many     Hollywood producers and  famous Stars.  What Petrie did is steal the characters and the plot line , did away  with the miracle and did an amateur butcher job with
with the original writers screenplay,once known as
Winter Roses . Originally to star Shirley Mc Laine who
loved it. Gace Zabiriski with all due respect is no
Shirley Mc Laine. Now it’s just another picture
that like so many other films went through the
Hollywood meat grinder.



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