Fox news , often criticized by the left as being a too far or all he way to the
right, has one great thing going for it. Their women. Mostly blondes
who have brains to go with their legs and rest of their attributes. Fox , the
” Hooters” of the news and information world. How can democrats knock
Fox news ? What am I thinking ? Brilliant marketing. Barnie Frank may not give a damn , but I love watching Barbie and Ken in the morning , Megan Kelly mid- day and red eye late night which always has a “foxy” lady
in attendance.
Is this important you say? Damn right it is . With news being so depressing
controversial if not venomous 24/7 , presentation does help. Even if it is
all about Obama medicine ,political B.S. fear tactics and partisan finger
pointing. And yes,.. my wife agrees with me.

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