OCCUPY and the rest of us

From recent readings, most Americans take the ” occupy movements”
as a small effort by relatively small groups of dissatisfied non working
citizens rebelling against everything. Those who think that and are
not paying attention , watch out . It is a lot bigger then we think.
‘” Occupy” the movement is quoting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
as their platform for rebellion. That’s a pretty tall order .They demand
While they  don’t seem to follow such  themselves. To this writer the occupy movement
is much larger then meets the eye. It’s a global revolution that they are advocating.
Growing in numbers that will far out do the numbers of the Tea Party.
It  reminds this writer of the Bolshevik revolution
that made Russia the USSR . and spread communism.
Would this writer be a conspiracy theorists, which I am not , I would have to
believe that the entire Occupy movement is fueled and financed by
people like George Soros and last but not least by President Obama.
Who’s entire life  involved communist teachings.

What do you think “community organizer “means? Only people who have worked for a living
their entire lives, successfully or not, understand that if takes people with
money to hire other people. There have always been, since the beginning
of the human race. rich and poor. People of power and people with no power.
There have always been wars and disputes from the beginning of time.
The Occupy movement seems to do away with all that’s bad in the world.
More power to them for that. Can not blame anyone for wanting to make this
a better world. The question then comes; Is it a pipe dream ? Or is it do able?
If it is do able, then the question arises of who is behind the movement and is
financing it? Who ever it is ,will demand the same if not more of the very same
power the Occupiers are attempting  to destroy.
Never the less, it’s big, it’s serious and it is growing beyond what we hear
in the mainstream news.
Bill Rebane

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