Paypal Warning

Oh yes. Paypal the safe fast and secure way to send, spend
and receive money ? Dream on. Until it comes to their
security system created. or so they say, to protect you
the customer. Pay pal can cost you big money and
and give you panic attacks. Case in point. Over 15 years with
pay pal with the same password. Then suddenly in connection
with a money transfer a page with ‘security alert pops up.
And your money is tied up indefinitely. You can’t get it out.
You can’t transfer it.While Pay pal makes more money with YOUR money that you can not touch.  All under the guise
of protecting you  while they tie up your funds .
Here’s how it works. It begins with ; Forgot your password?
No you idiots . Never had a problem. Then : “Change your password” . And….. answer these security questions…… Like; what’s the birthdate of your former daughter in law?
How in the f*k would I know. She’s been divorced for a hundred years. And I can’t remember the birthday’s of my
kids. Yet alone a former estranged  daughter in law.

Do your get the drift.? Well. while all this security
bull shit is going one ( seven  hours on the phone) your money
is tied up with  PAY PAL. Probably  in the big holding account
with which they can play games and make millions  with .The longer they hold  your money , the more interest rolls in o them.
Imagine collectively how much money they are holding at any given time ? And the interest they can collect on it in a few hours o minutes ? As they can roll it or invest it short term through the world financial markets….
Any excuse or delay method not to pay you is good for them.Very  profitable.
Here;s the bottom line.When asked ; Who creates the security questions they ask you  to fix the security problem ?  Their answer; The questions come
out of the ether of the ” System” and public records. So
no human or individual is responsible. Got it ?
Yes Pay pal fees are small and reasonable.Why not?  When
they can make billions in minutes or hours   with other
peoples money. Hold up pay outs.  delay tactics and ” Oh
it’s a glitch in the system”  which they can not even figure
out . The system did it. Nobody is responsible.
Sounds like the Government . At your service. We protect
you and your money. It’s all for you the customer and
your security and safety …..Comments anyone ? .

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