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Date Sat, 03 Apr 2010 09:34:15 -0700

New Cuss Word……

Years ago when I sometimes used unsavory language, I used the expression
“Bull S***.”
As I grew up a bit and discovered it was not necessary to use such crude
language, that expression became “BS.”

What did I really mean when I used those expressions? I meant that
something was ridiculous, or idiotic or a half truth or just stupid. It
covered any number of negative formats. The dictionary defines it as:
nonsense; especially: foolish insolent talk…

I have decided that I no longer will use either of those expressions in
the future. When I have a need to express such feelings, I will use the
word “Pelosi.”
Let me use it in a sentence. “That’s just a bunch of Pelosi..” I
encourage you to do the same. It is such a nasty sounding word, it
really packs a punch, we are no longer being vulgar, and it clearly
expresses our feelings. If enough of us use it, perhaps the word could
be entered into the dictionary. When on a ranch watch your step and
don’t step in Pelosi. It will get on the bottom of your boot and won’t
go away until next election.

What a fitting and descriptive legacy for the Speaker of the House!

Do not break this chain or you will get more Pelosi than you can shake a
bull at.

P.S. Betcha when this new word reaches D.C., the PELOSI WILL HIT THE

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