Piracy exposed Part 2

Here we are. The world’s a mess and here’s this writer worrying about
video piracy.? Right? Who knows. To this writer it’s all about corruption
crime and injustices that permeate our lives today. It’s hard to take when one
knows that there are some thirty jihad training camps on American soil
that train terrorists to kill Americans and they haven’t been closed or
eliminated by our law enforcement agencies . So if that can happen
why worry about such a mundane things as video piracy ? Good question
Such an idiot I must be to think that I still live in America.
And, the way it was . A little more common sense. Logic, better education
and a little more justice.
A couple of years ago I talked to the FBI office in central Wisconsin.
They were well familiar with video piracy . After all that’s agency that
appears on all copyright warnings on your DVD’s as the prosecutorial
agency for piracy matters. Here’s the answer I got. We are under staffed
don’t have enough agents to cover the field of video piracy . We’re have
our hands full with terrorism. Now what I asked. The the motion picture
producers association of america MPAA is taking care of piracy issues.
Call the MPAA . That’s like trying to get a live person on the phone at
any governmental agency. Forget it. The MPAA is the biggest joke
when it comes to investigating and or enforcing intellectual property
rights issues. Just maybe they do it for the major studios who have
their big law firms have lunch with them. Let’s not forget the big studios
and Hollywood is run mostly be the ”suits” Lawyers , Accountants and
and business people that feed on flesh exploitation and the creative
juices of the people that are blessed with some talent. The MPAA could
not care less about the independent producers of the scheister distributors
that call themselves film distributors. And there are many good ones.
And many that have the same problems as this writer, who spend 30 years
as an executive in motion picture distribution.
Take the case of Sam Kleinman a novice new comer to the film business
who discovered that the inter net is a way to make a buck . Streaming
unlicensed videos in countries were no body would ever know what’s legal
or not legal. He was called on the carpet for stealing and selling this
writers title ; ” The Demons of ludlow” in various countries via VOD on
the internet under the guise of Craze Digital, t he UK most european countries and the mid east. According to this scheister , he had purchased
the title from Echelon Studios , another pirate who has no license to the
film. Echelon a Delaware corporation hiding their locations and operational
headquarters with a film shipping address in Hollywood and foreign offices
in the UK. not easily touchable without law enforcement almost impossible
to obtain. And they know it. On going investigations will discover more and
are worth while following next on Piracy Exposed.

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