PIracy exposed

Numerous items have been written on intellectual property theft and video piracy
in support of the PIPA bill in congress which failed to pass the muster.
But the fight is just beginning , because the crooks just keep cashing in on
other peoples work. Now the time has come to call the crooks.” Crooks”and expose them for what they are. Liars, blatant criminals and absolute low life
of the motion picture and entertainment business. Also exposed is the legal
system for what it is. Un affective. Un educated on IP and piracy issues
and worth shit when it comes to enforcing laws that are already on the books
for years with no one to enforce them..
Prostitution is Illegal. When enforcement in some areas did not work
some innovative thinking citizens decided to openly publish the names
of patrons of prostitutes to curb the the practice of selling fleshly needs.
Well so be it with the issue of intellectual property theft. In prior writings
this writer touched on some piracy experiences with a very reserved attitude
so not to be slanderous or point fingers at the bastards . Now the time has
come to expose what is known about these low life’s who have very special ways to hide behind thousands of titles that are in the public domain, which consumers buy daily from them in bundles with new wrap around packaging
but low quality DVD’s underneath it all.
The crooks also know how to hide behind corporations in delaware and states
with minimums of disclosures required and minimum visibility for corporations. EXPOSED. is the first of several articles by this writer that should he read
carefully and heeded by the giants of the inter net who actually legally participate and assist in the business of piracy by accepting content that is
unlicensed constitutes a federal law violation without ever knowing it.
Take notice: Amazon, Google, Yahoo Netflix, BLock Buster, CD Universe
of the piracy issues out there and specifically the names EXPOSED herein .
The quest to get to the bottom of blatant intellectual property rights theft
began a decade ago. With the lies, no accountings and crooked distribution
dealings of Retromedia Entertainment. Not to mention the equally crooked
justice system of the State of California which does more to protect the
bastards then prosecute them. If one thinks the mafia stories of the
fifties and sixties where whoppers and poltical corruption is news worthy
stay tuned to Piracy exposed. Part 2. A 16 months investigation by a
prosecutorial Agency into Synergy Entertainment and Film Chest and the
results thereof. Stand by for the Information of the VOD operation of a scheister
Sam Kleinman who operates an international network of video on demand
in many countries out of a warehouse in Hollywood under the name of
Craze digital Stand by for the Echelon studio story. Currently caught .
Stand by for more PIRACY EXPOSED.

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