Piracy or Idiocy?

Bill Rebane
Yesterday at 5:06 PM ·
Giant Spider Invasion news
The Giant Spider Disaster , as I Call The Giant Spider Invasion is a perfect picture for riffing and for the ongoing fun Mystery Science theater has with it. The difference between Mystery Science theater and Riifftrax with it’s
700 theater riffing promotion is that Mystery Science Theater Paid for a license while Riftrax obtained a license from
VCI Entertainment who had no such rights as conveyed to Riffrax. So this calls for a public opinion question.
If someone sells a car and can not deliver clear title ?
What does that make the seller ? Better yet what does it do to the Buyer who does not have clear title ? Well.that’s were it sits right. now. Meanwhile back at the ranch
Rifftrax has raised close to half a million dollars on Kickstarter for their 700 theater Riffed movies campaign.
If the picture is removed from the Rifftrax Slate , what will
the kickstarter $ contributors think ? I love the Rifftrax
concept and the entertainment fun it provides for so many
Ritrax followers. ..ies I’m All for entertainment and fun but where does one go with fraud and cheating ?? Your opinions will be greatly appreciated…… Thanks.And enjoy your rice crisp-pies or rabbit. turds.  Remember The big VW spider loves you…….

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