Piracy update

Eventually the truth emerges. That also goes for the case of
Phil Hopkins who this writer has called the king of pirates.
As time goes by and while the law sleeps the truth begins to
emerge .And the crown of Pirate king may have to be bestowed on another party. For those interested in older movies, cult classic and the collectors thereof will surely
be familiar with Film Chest run by Ralph Stevens.
As known before to this writer but now confirmed it seems
that Ralph Stevens as head honcho of Film Chest and
controlling the purse strings of the operation , more then
any one is responsible for  the piracy previously written
about involving primarily Phil Hopkins. In getting some
information as of late on the modus operandi of Synergy
Film Chest the title of king pirate will have to be placed
on Ralph Stevens of New York. Congratulations Ralph.
After all,  is  it not the one in charge Who should  get the main credit?

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