Piracy watch- exposed

Time to expose it all. Video Piracy  . The entertainment industry looses about 40 billion
a year, not counting the jobs lost because of it. And, we have not even figured out how many estates and offsprings of famous film makers and
stars are being affected and robbed of their  entitled royalties and inherited income. It Seems that the common warning you see before the titles of
every movie ( with the FBI seal ) means nothing and is worth nothing.
And,…  The crooks know it. While the law states copyright infringements
are a felony , a criminal act, our law enforcement agencies including the
good ole FBI don’t give a shit. They don’t have enough agents.,,,,,.And , the one’s they have , are too busy chasing terrorists. So why worry or care
about intellectual property theft. So on behalf of of other victims
producers. Writers and film makers as a whole, we are going to expose
the worst of the lot . The video pirates, the thieves and the crooks
making money off other peoples creations. The ones listed herein are
all individuals or companies that have either been determined by
us, through black and white evidence that they either are the culprits of
piracy or have been involved in illegal licensing transactions that have
injured authors or intellectual rights holder. Needless to say, the
list begins with Retromedia Entertainment and goes on  to include;
BCI Eclipse. Navarre Corporation ( a publicly owen company.
Rhino Entertainment LLC., A Time Warner company,
Artiflix .Triad Media Group. White Sprigs Media, Whte Springs Television
Stellar film Associates. Cinemagroup 75. Filmworld Television. Films Around the World. Something Weird Entertainment ,
With the beginning of this list , an invitation is extended to any Author
and movie rights holder , to contact me  for piracy complaints and
verifiable licensing fraud and copyright infringements .
Only an organized effort will curb the se  expensive losses  to the motion
picture industry. The  offenders will be listed as a warning for all
unsuspecting producers and copyright holders.
Disclaimer; the Writer has collected sufficient evidence and facts
on the parties listed above but is not responsible for errors or
oversights that can occur in the process.

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