Piracy Watch

After l2 years of aggravation with Fred Olen Ray / Retromedia Entertainment and the fraudulent use of Intellectual properties
the world has not changed. The motion picture industry is
loosing billions of dollars a year  due to on going  unlicensed and
unauthorized use of intellectual property and copyrighted materials.
That’s old news already. What’s big news however is the question
of why major players in the industry such as Anchor Bay Entertainment
owned by Starz, would engage in blatant copyright infringements.
That on the heels of announcing that they are now releasing the
Best Picture, Oscar winner “The Kings Speech” on blue ray and DVD
this year. With a Winner like that, what the hell are they doing?
And why do they need to resort to IP theft and criminal infringement
practices? Like they really need to steal from the little guy while making.
millions. After Retromedia the Piracy watch continues. It is amazing that there is always someone ( even the big guys) who have to make buck on someone else’s properties.
Another one caught in the act this months was a company called Artiflix
with offices registered at a mail service in Las Vegas. Offering the Giant
Spider Invasion without a license.
Congratulations Weinstein Company/ Arnchor Bay and Starz
you have just earned yourself major problems  of fines and restitution
for “Stealing” Nightmare ( aka Blood Harvest) and cashing in on it
through Hulu. Surely this will get better as we go along.
Bill Rebane

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