By; Bill Rebane , former candidate for governor of Wisconsin
Just too many refer to the Obama Agenda as a socialistic agenda.
Bull shit. Call it what it is; Outright communism .
Having lived under that regime and escaped it is easy to
see that the clouds that are building are not just dark and ominous.
they are blood red . Communist Red.
Are all Americans blind ? Or just plain old stupid ? Not to see the
destruction ahead… Afghanistan is a hopeless war and can not
be won. Iraq will continue to flare up with American lives lost.
If not ignite again into a major mid eastern conflict.
Here is more of what is in store for us. Socialized medicine
followed by cap and trade and then the forced increase in interest
rates as no one will want to buy the debt of a country that can not get
it’s act together and is murdering it’s own economy.
More and more American companies will flee from insane regulations and
taxation to other countries which still engage in common sense and logic.
At least to some degree or reasonableness.
Our American government will finds itself in a situation to either let the
suffering spread before the elections or printing more money, spend more
and thus start run away inflation.
Afghanistan will turn into not just failure but a huge disaster.
Independence movements will become mainstream and the air of
revolution will become thicker by the day. – Conflicts will arise underumbrella
of freedom and our country will become divided by an uprising never before imagined.
There is good reason and basis for these dire predictions; A people divided
can not conquer. In reality our two party system ,as we believe it to exist
is only a one party system with two branches with corruption and dishonesty
running though it’s political spoiled veins rampantly.
Are we not aiding in the downfall of America? Ask yourself;
For how long have we had it too good? How long can we allow this to go on?
Rich ,poor , reasonably well off, we continue to drive our SUV’s and gas guzzlers ,
buy cheap made in china products, create more broken homes,
nurture the a unsustainable out of control growing government, sue each
other , allow lawyers to get rich by our mistakes and lack of education,
while ignoring the foundation of a civilized society, namely education
and failing to sustain traditional family units. Good god what are
we doing to our country ? The so called leader of the free world.

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