Commentary. A precious discovery made just yesterday.
Entering  the Courthouse  In Wausau Wisconsin to inquire where the FBI
office was  located. Assuming that a clerk of court or some one
in the courthouse would know where the nations finest,
The Central Wisconsin office of the FBI was located.
Well , this is were it gets interesting. I enter the court house
and am greeted by , not one ,but three,  armed to kill Sheriff’s
officers standing behind a barricade of x ray machines,
metal detectors. long tables with dozens of plastic trays ( were all your personal belonging are deposited )
Amazing I thought . And what a story. Here are three of our
sheriff’s department finest .( I am a staunch supporter of
law enforcement ) . But, all this is necessary ?
to guard the judges ? The lawyers and their
clients ? And The Court house employees ?…..  While our
children in school do not get the same protection ?  Oh yes
don’t  worry the establishment guards itself. Our children
and grandchildren are secondary. I assume there is no
budget for protecting the Wausau schools?  This reality
does not hit someone or sink in , until one walks right into
a situation like this. Multiply this by all large and small cities
in America.There is plenty of money to protect the establishment and it’s own. But only ‘”excuses ”  to protect our kids.
Bill Rebane

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