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January 16, ’10: Thievery, Law and Retromedia Entertainment
by Bill Rebane
About and to:
Fred Olen Ray – Retromedia Entertainment Inc.
9421 Winnetka Avenue – Chatsworth, California 91311
Much has been made of controversies and legal issues between Retromedia and Bill Rebane in connection with certain DVD rights Retromedia once had to The Giant Spider Invasion and Nightmare. Now, after seven years of the Retromedia Conspiracies, some interesting facts emerge that may put a different light on the company which, according to Fred Olen Ray,…. has never been sued……..
Now,…… It is public knowledge that Fred Olen Ray and Retromedia are being sued for what else? “Copyright Infringements”… by Shout Factory and producer Rick Sloan (case number 2:1009cv07179 Federal District Court Filing) Los Angeles, California …………
Much to do has also been made of an arbitration award …… (A totally corrupt one at that) …… awarded by a corrupt arbitrator Harris Tulchin to Retromedia,….. claiming and awarding damages of some $66,000 dollars from this writer. It is interesting to note that such damages have never been proven because, as the record will show, they are fictional at best. No accounting has been provided by Retromedia for eight years to any one, including the arbitrator, any Court of Law, any prosecutor, nor this writer. That’s a lot of money for Retromedia to steal, steal and steal. I would call it plundering and grand larceny.
Is it not strange that, ….. immediately after obtaining the corrupt arbitration award, Fred Olen Ray publicly admitted and claimed that he had been adequately compensated for damages. As I asked before, What damages? If he’s been compensated, where’s the beef? Other questions arise about Fred Olen Ray after committing perjury, just how much did Ray and Sheister Ravine pay the arbitrator for violating around 10 California codes and the Federal Arbitration Act?……
No wonder Retromedia has not presented any type of accounting for 8 years to anyone, the court, the arbitrator or this writer. They would get caught in their own lies and shit.
……… It will be further damaging to Retromedia when a prosecutorial agency finally figures out the criminal aspects of this controversy which are violations of federal laws. All of which have continuously been reported to the FBI and other prosecutorial agencies. Thus far, only the office of the District Attorney of Los Angeles County has taken the stand that Perjury is not a crime in California and that the complaints filed are a tort action……… Maybe because they are too inept to see beyond their noses and simply do not give a shit if federal laws have been violated….
The bottom line here is: The law is the law is the law.
Subsequently, this writer is taking this case to the public forum and to make public demand on Retromedia Entertainment Inc. and Fred Olen Ray in thorough pursuit of putting Fred Olen Ray behind bars together with his lawyer Vince Ravine and arbitrator Harris Tulchin. …… Is this all crying over spilled milk, or getting even?
You can bet your ass it is and much more. When some body commits a crime against you, cheats you, lies in public, defames you and steals money from your pocket and, on top of it all, misuses our system of Justice and makes mockery of constitutional rights, being “pissed”… is putting it mildly. And therefore this writer is making the following public demand on Retromedia Entertainment Inc. and their accomplices for a public accounting and prove otherwise all claims made herein: While lawyers like Vince Ravine can hide behind their fabrications and lies by appearing in a court room, WITHOUT A DEFENDANT PRESENT, Retromedia cannot avoid the facts of the following illegal sales and marketing activities that are on the record, thanks to the innovation of the internet. Let’s see an income statement and accounting for the following, Fred Olen Ray and Retromedia:
Traced Transactions by Retromedia

MSN Entertainment, sales
Blood Harvest
Never licensed.
Sold to
Blood Harvest
Never licensed to Retromedia.
Sold through
Blood Harvest
After contracts were null and void.
Sold to Tower Records, England
Blood Harvest
Without foreign rights, and after contract null and void.
2003 and 2004
Illegal foreign sales to England / Netherlands / Germany
Sold to 800 Buy Movies
Blood Harvest
No contract.
Sold to DVD Empire
The Giant Spider Invasion
Through illegal sub-licensing through Ventura Ent.
Sold to Dutch DVD
The Giant Spider Invasion
Violating all rights and contract.
2003, 2004, 2005
Sold on Ventura label to JK Flix and Dutch film Works with Retromedia as originator
2003 to 2005
Sold to Germany and UK in violation of original contract.
Sold to DVD USA
The Giant Spider Invasion
On fraudulent arbitration award
Sold to

No contract.
Entered in illegal sub-licensing agreement with Image Entertainment to water down income.
June 2005
Entered into illegal sales of intellectual rights to Rhino Entertainment.
May 2005
Entered into illegal agreement with BCI Eclipse Navarre Corporation to water down income to license holder.
All of the above are violations of the Digital Millennium Act and the Copyright Felony Act of 1992. The amount of units sold in 8 years worldwide is not known. However, I am sure the IRS would be very happy to see an accounting and maybe even help as much as anyone else would, including this writer.
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