Good news” , “fake news” on the left or on the right. The “media” has got the world hooked by exploiting the little three letter word ” Sex”. It’s magical, it’s exciting,it’s alluring, it’s welcoming, it’s sensational. It’s attention getting. In short it’s exploitable . Because it’s all how you take it. One can spin it any which way imaginable . Sexploitation is great for the media. It tops the really important urgent news. North Korea’s threat of war. Terrorism. Rape, murder, riots and mayhem. What ever includes the word ” sex ” becomes top of the news and makes good headlines.

After all ” Sex” has been around since the beginning of civilization. Low and behold it’s going on right now. Every day everywhere on the planet. So what does sexual harassment mean ? Sexual attraction expressed in words?or, sexual physical advances ? One must understand there is a difference between rape attempts , groping and verbal enticement. But the ” media ” left or right does not care. As long as it’s sexually exploitable. Then there is the other side never touched. It takes two to tango. Issues of physical attractiveness, enticement . entrapment or just possibly  invitational attention getting through female dress or behavior.
Notice how the”Media” tries so hard to dig deep into details of improper sexual behavior. They want the dirt to exploit.  The ugly parts of sexual behavior in colorful detail. Because that’s good “Sexploitation” In all.  To this writer the entire subject matter of ” Sexual harassment is the hight of media idiocy for pure sexploitation purposes. If anything , on this subject matter. What is important is the Congressional slush fund of tax payer money to pay off accusers and victims of sexual harassment.That’s a slap in the face to millions of American tax payers.

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