Good morning world    .It’s all bad and crappy news.
” Diamond and Silk” get bumped off Facebook for their political
views and opinions………..Freedom of speech and expression soon to be abolished …….. The liberals are winning. Because the republicans and christians are turning into sheep ………… They just can’t get up the resolve and guts to fight back………. What was talked about in the private meeting between Zuckerman and the Senate ?…..’ Before” the congressional hearings,,,,,,,,,,, We will never know what went down.
And what deals were made?… The swamp will never be drained.
The Presidential will was there……Support by the people was not…….
Hello fellow Americans. We are loosing our freedom, our rights
and our country….. Just not  getting wise and realizing
it…….. A little forecast for the sheep…… There will be no wall……
There will be gun control… There will be more abortions………
There will be more investigations,….More special prosecutors….. more corruption and over ups…..Nothing   for the people will get done in Congress…… Be a sheep and
and say” good bye to a America” as our seniors and old veterans knew it.

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  1. You’re absolutely correct, Mr. Rebane. The Liberals have taken over even when they’re not the majority; that was proven without a doubt when the last omnibus was passed.

    America is gone and all the rats who could have slowed the flow around the drain are scurrying out with their lifetime pensions, and why? Because they don’t have the stomach to do what they were sent there for in the first place; they don’t have the guts to be Americans.

    I look at my grandchildren and feel so sad and sorry that they won’t have the same Freedoms and Liberties that I enjoyed growing up.

    One man in Washington, The President of the United States, has had the guts to stand up for the people who voted for him but the representatives of those same people would rather capitulate to the loudest members with whom they serve and while those “in the shadows” emerge and take over, they glide into the darkness like serpents with no spines…

    AMERICA — R.I.P.

  2. Hi Bill,
    You are still a great writer!

    How are you and Barb?

    Much Love,
    Your old pal, Donna

  3. Hello. And Bye.

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